Vista Vue - Full Face Mask

Explore the ocean with the Full Face Snorkel Mask from Deep Blue Gear featuring a next-generation, all-in-one mask and snorkel design that enables you to breathe naturally through your nose and mouth. Offering a refined design of the air flow and purge valve system based on feedback from customers in the Caribbean, the Full Face Snorkel Mask ensures optimal comfort, easy ventilation, and fog-free undersea viewing.

Eliminating the need for a snorkel mouthpiece, this Full Face Snorkel Mask has an integrated dry snorkel tube at the top of the mask that stops water from getting into the mask. The large diameter, single chamber snorkel tube with innovative multi-purge valve technology allows air to be easily inhaled and exhaled -- comfortably and naturally. Fresh, dry air is continuously directed across the inner surface of the mask, preventing condensation from forming and reducing fog. A crystal silicone skirt provides superior comfort with a clear, panoramic view. Elastic straps are easily adjustable, allowing the mask to be comfortably secured to your face.

The Full Face Snorkel Mask by Deep Blue Gear is available in two sizes: Small / Medium & Large / XL

For sizing info, please visit our Deep Blue Gear Sizing Guide and click on the Vista Vue Full Face Mask

  • Full Face mask with integrated snorkel allows natural breathing through nose and mouth while providing a clear, panoramic view of the ocean
  • Dry snorkel technology prevents water from getting into mask; purge valve technology allows you to inhale and exhale easily
  • Soothing and relaxing bubble sounds as your exhaled air leaves the mask
  • Crystal silicone mask skirt offers superior comfort; easily adjustable elastic straps secure the mask to your face
  • Fog-free ventilation design continuously directs fresh, dry air across inner surface of mask to prevent condensation
  • Available in two sizes -- Small/Medium and Large/Extra-Large
Clear Silicone - Black Frame L/XL
Clear Silicone - Blue Frame L/XL
Clear Silicone - Red Frame L/XL
Clear Silicone - Yellow Frame L/XL
DBG-MA-4100-BK Clear Silicone - Black Frame S/M
DBG-MA-4100-BU Clear Silicone - Blue Frame S/M
Clear Silicone - Pink Frame S/M
DBG-MA-4100-RD Clear Silicone - Red Frame S/M
DBG-MA-4100-YL Clear Silicone - Yellow Frame S/M